How to deal with dark skin

Skin care regime

Every woman should have a good daily skin care regime to maintain a good complexion. This can mean simply using natural products or investing in rich moisturizing creams and oils. Women with black skin tones typically have distinct characteristics that need extra care and hydration to maintain a healthy glow without looking too oily or dry. If you are one of the many people who want to whiten their butts, check out

How to do it yourself at home

Step 1. Cleanse/Moisturise/Exfoliate

After washing your face with cold water, apply warm water and cleanse your face with a good organic cleanser. This will strip your skin of any dead tissues, unclog your pores and leave your skin ready to apply moisture.

Applying a good moisturizer every morning and before going to bed will ensure your skin is lubricated, with the right care. Due to the dry tendencies of dark skin, it is also important to wash your skin daily with a moisturizing face wash as well as exfoliating at least three times a week to eliminated dry bumpy skin. Finding the right skin care product for you is just about trial and error as every skin tone, skin type is different and most of the time it depends on personal preference.

Step 2. Use Sun Block

hjdhjsd874There is a myth that black women do not need to use sunscreen. But this is indeed a myth. In fact, women with dark skin should actually protect their skin more so, as research suggests when not protected they can show signs of skin damage later in life. It is vital then, that black women or women with dark skin use sun block every day.

Step 3. Makeup

Choosing the correct beauty products for your skin is important to give your skin the coverage it needs. It can be difficult to find that one perfect blend that matches your skin tone feels smooth and silky while lasting all day long. With hundreds of products to choose from it can be daunting selecting the right one. For darker skin tones, your best bet is to stick with brands like Bobbi Brown, Lancome or Maybelline.

Step 4. Stay hydrated

There are a number of drinks that can aid in keeping your skin healthy. These work for all skin types, are super delicious and will leave your skill feeling fresh and glowing.

  • Fruit Infused Water – Water, blueberries, mint leaves, a slice of lime all help to relieve stress.
  • Green Tea – Reduces skin damage caused by the sun and leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy.
  • Pomegranate Juice – Reduces wrinkles, keeps your skin smooth and is good for your body in winter.


Why not thrown on a hydrating face mask, a few cucumbers and relax while enjoying your perfect drink. This will help your skin get the rest it needs!…

A Guide To Using Acupuncture Charts

A Guide To Using Acupuncture Charts

Acupuncture charts can only be read by people who understand the traditional methods of Chinese medicine and also those who have been trained. Before you start treating people with Acupuncture Charts, there are many things that you need to learn.

Why acupuncture charts?tg2wedrf2we6dy236eu2828

The first thing that you need to know is that before starting the treatment, as an acupuncturist, you will have to chat with the person in question so as to establish where the main roots of the problem are. In the process, you also need to relate the current condition with the medical history of the patient.

One important thing that you need to remember when making use if Acupuncture Chart is that some key points of the face and tongue are believed to have a lot of significance in the treatment because through them, you can tell the main factors affecting the patient.

Also, the acupuncturist is required to examine the patient’s wrist and fingers as well as listen to the patient’s breathing so as to see whether or not there are abnormalities. Some of the questions that the patients are likely to be asked relate to the pattern of sleep, bowels, appetite and many others so as to determine the locations and points where the needles need to be placed.

Preliminary examinations

Now, after all, those preliminary examinations, the acupuncturist is required to refer to refer to the chart so as to determine whether or not the needles need to be stuck to bring relief to the patient. There are fourteen channels that are shown in the Acupuncture Charts depicting main organs in the body , such as the lungs, heart, stomach, kidneys, etc. where imbalances are likely to occur. By placing needles in these channels like shown in the charts, it will most likely cure the disease ailing the patient.

Some other tg2wedrf2we6dy23u72positions are illustrated in the Acupuncture Charts which are known as command point or transporting points. These points are found close to the feet, knees, fingers and elbows in more than 12 locations, and they normally help in the circulation of blood to the body tissues.

The command points that are located in the area of the abdomen and the chest are referred to as the alarm points, and it is said that with these major points depicted in the Acupuncture Charts, many people have undergone major surgeries with the only anesthetic being that of Acupuncture. Some people take some time to experience the desired result while some feel the results immediately after the treatment…

Reasons You Should Reduce Sugar Intake From Your Diet

Reasons You Should Reduce Sugar Intake From Your Diet

Many of us have grown amidst several warnings from our parents and guardians, not to excess sugars and salts. I know there are those who heeded this warning and at the same time, there are those who didn’t see the significance of doing so and therefore didn’t bother to reduce their sugar level intake.

Eliminating sugar from your diet can save you from millions of health problems now and in the future. The following are some of the reasons as to why you should think of reducing the sugar levels in your daily diet.

Sugar can cause depressionstg2w3edrf23edg2edh22u28

Research has shown that sugar causes depression. This is attributed to the fact the foods you eat, don’t just release sugars, nutrients, and calories into your stomach, but they also do send them into your brains.

Sugar can lead to obesity

Sugar has been found to be related to obesity. This is because sugar is loaded with calories that your body stores for the later days. So what happens is the latter days do not come, and therefore the stored sugar is converted into fats.

Excess sugar intake also causes blood pressure

Like you will realize, many people around the world are being diagnosed with high blood pressure and according to doctors, this is attributed to the poor intake of the diet. It is important to note that the more sugar you take, the more you increases your cholesterol levels, which will lead to hardening of the arteries and increase in blood pressure.

Heart disease

Regardless of how much you weigh, high intake of sugar will increase chances of developing heart diseases and heart attack. Researchers in the past have shown that those who consume more than 25% of sugar levels have more chance of heart attack.

Sugar intake is addictive

While stgwedrfw5edt62ey72ugar is not classified as a drug, it effects is not far from those of heroin. Because of this reason, sugar is just addictive like those illegal drugs. They hijack the neural pathways just like cocaine and heroin leaving people craving for more and more. So this, therefore, tells that like any drug, sugar can also be abused.

Diabetes and sugar intake

This one is the most direct and obvious effect of excessive intake of sugar. This happens when your pancreas has been overworked to the extent that it cannot produce enough insulin to regulate the blood sugar in your body.…