What causes snoring and how it can be prevented

Have you ever slept with someone who snores? How does it feel? Horrible, I guess. Snoring makes you sound as if you are cutting wood using a chainsaw.

Whether you are the one who snores or it is your companion, here are some of the possible causes of snoring and their solutions. I am sure they will help you alleviate the agony once and for good.

An anatomical defect

One of the common anatomical defects is narrow breathing passage
Snoring can also be caused a jaw or a tongue that is positioned too far back and because of this closes the airway. Another common cause is where you find the patients having larger than average tonsils.

Bulky uvula

A bulky uvula is also another cause of snoring. When we are talking about the bulky uvula, we are referring to the part that hangs down your throat. Too many fats can also lead to snoring by blocking your airway.

Being overweight, allergies and other deformities of the cartilage of the nose can also lead to snoring. In addition to the biological factors, some lifestyle such as smoking, drinking alcohol and taking certain types of medications can lead to snoring.

How to end snoring

If you have been experiencing this problem of snoring for a long time, then you need to try these techniques to see if they help you get peace.
Lose weight- If you think that you are overweight, then you need to make some efforts to shed off some fats. This can be done by following the guidelines of losing weight.

Avoid alcohol and cigarettes

Try resting on your side instead of you back so as to prevent your tongue from blocking your airway.

If this three do not solve your problem, then you need to try and get fitted for a custom oral appliance that is made to hold your lower jaws forward so as to prevent it from blocking your airway. Most patients find the usage of these appliances preferable because they find it more comfortable than the traditional CPAP machine which was used to treat people suffering from apnea.

If you are suspecting that you have sleep apnea, then make an appointment with a dentist and be sure to get some help. Remember by alleviating snoring and sleep apnea; you improve the quality of your life.