Reasons to Play Android Games

Google has created many options for its Android users. Google Play Games is one of these services that an Android user could use to have the ability to save their game progress and compete with their friends with all the social sites on Google+. Hence, you can check for the best game emulator on your android.

The Essential Features

iPad Since its inception, it has become a stable platform and allows users to perform a whole range of tasks explained in the following paragraphs. According to reports from a mobile app development company, these features are an excellent addition for this game developer. They allow game developers to use the Play Games SDK with their game and not develop their features. The games we play include many achievements that you can unlock as you progress through the game.

With the achievements feature of Google Play Games, the developer can use the achievements to their advantage without adding them for the first game of their own, says a reputed Android app development company. We often face apps and other issues with our phones and find cases after changing our phones. As a result, we lose all our progress in the games we have played before and start from scratch. The cloud store attribute ensures that our progress in the game is linked to our Gmail ID, and we can always restart the game from where we left off. Missions are online races and challenges that allow us to play in multiplayer mode with our devices.

The Free Sites

Apps It is all about how Google Play Game providers help users bring their Android games to social sites using the Google+ network. According to VentureBeat, mobile gaming is taking mobile gaming by storm., this casual gaming site, allows you to download about 400 free PC games with no time limits or trials, along with mobile games and games (however, the selection isn’t that great, as only eight mobile games are available). The games on are allocated into classes such as time management, action, maps, hidden thing, sports 3games for checkers, shooting, and much more., this portal has a mobile version, so you will likely reach via a mobile device. The ads on the portal page are a bit intrusive, but you can still deal with them. The installation process is quite fast. Just make sure to check the boxes in the first step if you do not want to become your default browser homepage or even unworthy add-ons to be placed in your browser.

ToomkyGames offers you a fun variety of nearly 400 casual and flash games that are free to purchase on PC and play online. Each of these games is a full version and has no time restrictions. There are 19 courses to help you choose a suitable game. Also, the catalog has been updated with free casual games. This portal has a mobile version, so you can reach via a mobile device and take a look at some popular mobile games.…

Best Action Games for Android and iOS Users

Most gamers are familiar with the possibility of installing games on their smartphone gadget. Most of them are pretty enthusiastic about getting the latest and also the most affordable games. For this reason, people are always on the lookout for the newest game releases, especially if they are action-packed. While some are available for iOS, others are available for Android users. 

Some games are accessible for both operating systems. However, some of the games are not available for free. In this case, you may want to download and install third-party apps, Panda Helper VIP, to get tweak access to the games. It helps you to review and take a sneak-peek for free before purchasing the games. So, let’s find out more about the latest action games available for both operating systems below.

Dark Knight Rises

gamesThe Dark Knight Rises is a game produced by Gameloft. It is a well-known game company for developing games that gamers can play on smartphones. As the title suggests, Dark Knight Rises is somewhat similar to the movie, and you will have the opportunity to play the main hero character. What is more exciting from the game is its city portrayal that is much closer to Batman Arkham City.


As the name suggests, it is the third version of the most played game, the GTA. The most impressive feature of this game is its action-packed encounter in which the player must carry out missions against street criminals. Besides, this edition of the game is well-made for touch screen cellphones. The game has designed the controllers in a way that a user can easily touch the touchscreen phone. So, if you have enough time on your hands, this is the game that you are likely to play.

Nova 3

androidYou do not need to be an iOS user to play this game, as the game is available to play on both platforms, including Android. It is a shooting game that offers complete shooting pleasure along with the visuals and sound effects. You may have to beat some occasional glitches on the gaming control, but you will love playing this particular game when you love shooting. Therefore, it is definitely for men and women who like to play hardcore games.

Shadow Gun

This game is an effective and activity-packed game that gamers can play well on their smartphones or tablets. The most notable thing about this Shadow Gun game is its impressive graphics as a shooting game. If you play this game, then you are likely to forget to play console-based games. You will be more eager to play the role of a bounty hunter and defeat a crowd full of mutants on your smartphones.

Prince of Persia

As similar as this game is to Prince of Persia, you will have more time to save the Princess than the failed Prince of Persia on the go while possessing the advantage of experiencing the original character. In any case, you’ll find this game interesting, full of adventures, improved skin, and different battles to acquire. You’ll encounter mysterious traps that will appear during your excursion and test you. So, get ready to find your way through traps, clues, swords, and physical conflicts.

The Benefits of Using Social Media

Social media has changed the way we communicate today. We should educate ourselves about new opportunities and take care of our online reputation. Some people might love using social media, but there are people who don’t like using it. A study from thinkbiganalytics shows that no state hates social media more than Michigan. Below are the benefits of using social media.

Builds Relationship

Social media isn’t just for brands to connect with their customer base. In fact, at its core, social media is about connecting people with people. If you cultivate those connections, you’ll have a different method when looking for opportunities or expert advice. You can grow your network fast with social media. You can meet people and build relationships with them.

Social media allows you to talk about what you know and what you want to be known for. Sharing your expertise will attract potential personal and professional connections. Find ways to showcase your professional experience, accomplishments, and achievements, and you’ll have an increasing number of opportunities to connect with like-minded women and men.

Increases Visibility

This doesn’t just apply to your online presence. If you live your new personal life and your actions reflect your online presence, it shows that you are capable of being trustworthy, and the relationships you build will be more valuable and authentic. Increase your visibility. If you invest time in honing your skills and consistently working on your social channels, you can significantly increase your visibility and become a thought leader in your region.

Connects People

People I know that for some of you, this may be a disadvantage. On the other hand, the advantage of communicating and connecting with anyone instantly outweighs the possible penalty. Social media can connect before, during, and after media events, conferences, or meetings. People have the opportunity to get to know you before they meet you and are much better prepared to have a face-to-face conversation. Using interpersonal websites has endless personal and professional benefits. …

How to Obtain the Benefits of Third-party Apps When Downloading Android Games

Gamers would like to try all games in this world. Some of them might have some device types. It triggers them to download and play all games on each of their gadgets. However, not all games are compatible with every device. Regarding this issue, people decided to utilize third-party apps, such as Panda Helper. This app could provide some app and game lists freely. Besides, this APK app is secure and suitable for smartphone systems. The root of your APK downloader should be confirmed and reliable to get a wonderful download encounter. However, you will find other simple things you can embrace to ensure your phone stays safe from malware when downloading Android applications. These are the tips you should perform to prevent this situation;

supporting app

Evaluate the Source

Google Play is the best source to set up when it comes to all Android apps, but you still have the option to get apps from other reliable sources. Today you can easily find APK from Google Play, but you have to be careful about the APK document you download because you might end up with malware on your gadget. All you have to do is make sure that the source is protected and disable anonymously sourced installations on your device before a period when you feel safe enough to expect downloading from a particular source.

Review the App’s Ratings

rates examiningAlways analyze the reviews and testimonials of the Android games and apps you’re about to download, as they will allow you to discover technical issues you’re likely to encounter. Essentially, the higher the rating of the game or app and the number of downloads, the safer it should be for you to download it. If you want to learn more about new releases that have few reviews, take the time to learn a bit more about them before proceeding with the download.

Examine the Game System

Details about the author and programmer of the game or programs you are likely to download can help you discover its reputation. You can use various discussion forums and reviews to find the information you need to be sure that what you are getting is the right program or sport. Malware authors easily create applications that are incredibly similar to your favorite ones. Therefore, it would be best to confirm the developer, name, and author of the application before proceeding.

Inspect Permissions

permissions reviewWhen you install a new app or sport, you are given a list of permissions you’re granting the app. Unfortunately, not many users know what permissions they are giving or take the opportunity to review them. Play it safe by reviewing the permissions of why they are being requested, so you know if they have a valid reason or are questionable. If what you are allowing the software to do is questionable, then don’t give permission. A great APK downloader could provide reliable access to free Android apps and games, but you’ll also want to take the necessary steps to ensure your device stays safe every time you download it.…

The Advantages of Electric Longboards

In recent decades, electric longboards have gained popularity. With longboards, you will probably go faster and go at the same speed as you want. In any case, it’s easy for newcomers to learn how to skate because you don’t need to keep your balance. By doing some research, you can learn a guide about cruiser vs downhill longboards. Below are the advantages of using electric longboards.

Less Effort

The travel distance for charging the battery varies from one variant to another, but they can cover about twenty-five kilometers. Electric skateboards can also be easily limited between uses. Another great thing is that they are mounted with wide, rubberized wheels that provide a reliable grip.


Speed Control

With electric skateboards, you will most likely gain control of the speed of your skateboard. For example, traditional versions have the potential to move quickly downhill, while their low speed on the sidewalk is as low as their leg strength. Almost all models offer the ability to move at a continuous speed.


Electric skateboards are very flexible products and often give the possibility to choose between manual and electric units. For example, doing tricks in a skate park can be made easier with the manual pushing method. If you stick to activities outside the park, you can reactivate the electric attribute to make the ride home easier and faster.


Skateboarding Skateboarding is usually a fun activity. Together with these skateboards, you can move almost freely in the air. It is not necessary to move the board with your feet, which means that you have the opportunity to enjoy the ride to gain more time. All in all, these skateboards are fun and a great way to embrace the near future of skateboarding. Also, there is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a trip and take a ride around the neighborhood on the relaxing way to skateboard.…

Technical Specs to Consider When Buying a Wireless Doorbell

The wireless doorbell is still another expansion of technology focused on purpose and electronic equipment. The top rated wireless doorbell needs no setup and offers strong signal power making it beneficial for many users. It’s particularly advantageous to those who reside in rented houses and flats as it doesn’t need any wires. It can be taken whenever you move to another location because there is no wiring.doorbell

Price and Signal Range

Models may fluctuate in cost, with the least expensive versions costing approximately $15 to $20 and the priciest ones moving around $150. The costlier are inclined to have more added features or possess exceptional decorative designs. No matter the budget, a tremendous wireless doorbell can be bought for approximately $50 to $80. Nowadays, you can buy more extended range wireless components, which could extend to 300 ft. Additionally, you can purchase multiple bell recipients that will permit you to put the bell recipients in various parts of the home.

Energy Supply

Wireless doorbells come in varieties due to their energy supply. The cell-operated ones may fluctuate somewhat with a few inferior versions utilizing Triple-A batteries and the more powerful versions using lithium-ion batteries. The central feature to search for is battery life. We recommend going with a device requiring D batteries since these will often survive longer. These have less performance because they take up socket spaces and might not be ideally suited to the home for optimum sound supply.

Amplifiers or Audio Extenders

doorThere are many components offering plug-ins or added bell receivers that permit the noise to be prolonged throughout the home. This is very helpful in massive houses and regions of the home like basements and attics. Some make fundamental sounds, and many others offer far more. Some forms will perform a record of over 50 tunes, and a few will even allow you to set a message to play your favorite theme. This may be a particularly intriguing alternative around the holidays since there are quite a few different vacation tunes. At the minimum, this attribute is going to be a fantastic conversation piece. For people who already have a wireless doorbell, you may even buy add-ons that offer more chimes. No matter the option selected, most devices provide 12 or even 13 fundamental necessities.


The Four Categories of Computer Hardware

If you’re a company owner, you probably set your company hat each time you’re in front of your PC. You spend hours at that place, so how about implementing a few time-management abilities to decrease this moment? Use a number of my streamlining strategies at your pc and you will be functioning efficiently. Moreover, you can head over to Desky’s Blog to find ideas on how to have an ergonomic work station. Computer hardware identifies the physical devices that constitute a computer. Below are the sorts of hardware that will assist you in familiarizing your private computer.

Input Devices

keyboardComponents that are utilized to enter raw data have been categorized under the input apparatus. They assist in feeding information like text, pictures, and audiovisual records. They aid in document transfers between computers. Keyboards are the most frequent kind of input device. Most English language configurations utilize the QWERTY design for most keys, encompassed by number, logo, function, and other essential types. By pressing the applicable keys, an individual may feed information and instructions to the computer.

Processing Devices

processorProcessing is the heart purpose of a pc. Once the information has been processed, it may be used for practical purposes. Components that manipulate information into data are categorized under processing. The microprocessor is a significant device within this category. It works closely with memory throughout its operations. Data is saved temporarily in chip cache and memory throughout the processing period. The microprocessor is subdivided into three major components, which operate together to do its purpose.

Output Devices

Hardware elements that display and interrogate the two information and data are categorized under the output category. The output is the culmination of a cycle that begins with the input of raw data and processing. These parts are sub-categorized beneath softcopy and hardcopy output. Softcopy output comprises the abstract experience. The consumer derives visual gratification by studying a message via screen elements or listens to sound files. On the flip side, hardcopy output devices are concrete, such as printouts of newspaper and 3D versions.

Storage Devices

Components that retain/store information are categorized under memory/storage apparatus. Storage is sub-divided under secondary and primary memory and can be either volatile or non-volatile. Main memory usually identifies random-access memory (RAM) but may also refer to memory, which operates in conjunction with the chip. Secondary memory is tagged as such as information stored inside secondary storage media (generally disk drives) don’t communicate directly with the microprocessor. Any information stored in these media is transferred into a RAM apparatus for processing to happen. This kind of memory can also be non-volatile as it allows long time storage instead of volatile memory.…

A Guide to Shopping for the Best PC

There are particular functions that mobile devices can’t do or can not do almost as well as a desktop computer. A budget desktop will be way cheaper than a notebook with similar specs. The size is what influences people when looking for a goede computer.PC screens

Designs of Desktop Computers

There is a whole lot more variation and choice from the framework form factor, which is excellent in specific ways, but also creates the purchasing process a lot more complicated. It is possible to find PCs in all those classes at several price points. Therefore, the main issue to remember is how you mean to use your desktop PC. It is tough to fit plenty of features into laptops or tablets for a reasonable price. There is also far more adaptability using a tower PC. There is more space to update the machine with newer technology.

Operating Systems

fortniteThe issue of the operating system (OS) is not requested as frequently with laptops and smartphones, but it is still something to think about. Windows is undoubtedly the most frequent desktop OS. So, you are going to have a vast choice of hardware in addition to a compatible third-party program. It is constructed encompassing a touchscreen screen, even though it still operates well with the conventional mouse and PC keyboard. If you are in a household of Apple fans, then Mac might be for you. Sierra is just found on Mac computers, which means you are restricted on your hardware.

If you are searching for simple computing, a Chrome OS will probably be up your ally. The OS runs simple and lightweight programs and cloud-based apps. It is not suited to demanding tasks such as gaming, but it is fantastic for email, file-sharing, and web surfing. You may always have to get on the world wide web, but that is generally not a problem with desktops.…

Tips to Protect Your Smartphone From Unsecured Apps

Programs can be malware, a type of software that can damage your smartphone and violate your privacy. Here is a quick guide on how to download TutuApp safely. The vast majority of applications are safe to buy, but one of them is silent slippers waiting to infiltrate your device and steal your private data. Cell phones are expensive and contain vast amounts of personal data. The most reliable app stores cannot guarantee the protection of all applications. Responsible consumers can learn how to mitigate this risk using information obtained from app research.

phoneDangerous applications that contain malware are a gateway to malicious activity. Simply put, some apps tap into the phone and steal confidential information. Not only can these people get your information, but they can also make your device a component of your botnet army. It is essential to raise awareness about application security. These companies disable programs that could be malware, often every time they are found. But some programs slip through the cracks of unsuspecting customers, downloaded, and returned.

Know Your Download Source

The best approach to finding applications is to download decent markets. It’s not easy to navigate today’s open, consumer-oriented mobile ecosystem. A widespread lack of public order plagues it into the programs. You can only download programs and applications from a reliable app store. If you are download from an app store, it is not uncommon to find third-party applications. Do not download any programs. Instead, please take the opportunity to know their source. Markets offer aggregation of applications, for example, from third parties.

Avoid Downloading Third-Party Apps

Downloading third-party applications extend the connection between you and your phone manufacturer. What about downloading applications from the App Store? App Stores offer consumers additional levels of security. Although not all apps in the App Store are protected, the App Store is much less likely to cause problems in the app markets. They offer first-hand applications that have been created by the manufacturer of your phone. They also offer you third-party applications that were created by someone other than the manufacturer of your phone. Downloading apps from the markets is called side-loading.

Research About the Developer

Do a quick research about the developer or vendor before you decide to install a program. Vendors are programs that offer applications to the clients. Most of the App Stores link to the vendor’s website, and Google Play Store is located at the bottom of the app page. It is up to the consumer to do his or her duty. Avoiding markets for reliable apps is a disadvantage. There is a reason why these apps are not found in the App Store. Apps with Google Play are tested for validity, quality, security, and many different facets, together with the entire Apple App Store.

Check the Permissions of the Program

applicationsPrograms should not have many permissions. Those who do should be part of the application. Permissions give the program provides access to your smartphone. Applications should connect with your smartphone. Applications that are vital for these programs and the applications will be available for quite some time. Understanding is essential for every consumer when the application providers will connect to the Internet. Do not install a program once the application provider has exceeded the limit.

If a program’s permissions do not seem necessary to run an application, think twice before downloading it. Cases of permissions that the software may require. These are just some of the things that applications can do. Before accepting a license, you should ask yourself whether the program needs the ability to interact in this way.…

Practical Guidelines for the Development of iOS Applications

There are many essential points for program design software to understanding. When you discover new iOS apps, you have to keep in mind that a lot of thought was put into each and every one of them. Mobile phones’ importance in our lives and daily activities is undeniably enormous and surprising. For iOS applications—the time dedicated to developing the application is approved efforts and work.

Application Development

appsOften technicians have a repair in connection with the creation of software for the iPhone. Selection of question to application development but of awareness of the program. In most cases, it is not necessary to develop an application but considering that there are already countless applications. It is easy for computer programmers to create a program faster than anyone else. Application development is vital in every app to make it easier to use. It is also essential that you develop a plan or hire a group of people to work for you.

Featured Programs

If you like to download many apps on your mobile phone, and it consists of application rewards. Many featured programs and high-level or were practical to many people, both for fun and pleasure. The positions of these programs are significant. It certainly indicates that a program must be offered on a platform that allows others to access it easily to be popular—developing the application features for its security.

Application Configurations

The new application development and configurations of Apple that there is one thing you need to understand. If you get support for your Apple application, this is not a rain of thousands of dollars. You were doing so is essential, and another factor in making it so unique. As long as you get approval for your design software, you’ll have to give yourself to the advertising campaign that will support you to have a better chance of success.

Free Applications

screenThey have implemented the developer’s free apps’ approval, so it is a good thing that you have a developer who is willing to work for you. The time it takes to create an application can take almost two weeks, maybe not less. The purchase of free applications could be useful. The problem with free applications is that they are downloaded more than the paid apps. And advertising strategy to improve your application’s performance.…

Reasons Why You Need to Have Spy Apps

As the world advances in technology, so do work and social relations. There is a greater need to keep track of the very important events in your region among family, friends, spouses, and many different ties.  You can download free spyware apps on you phone.

 How Spy Apps Affect Online Activity

Spy App

It is a technology that changes many aspects of our socio-cultural and political life on both sides of the spectrum. Fortunately, although it is a Pandora’s box that generates both good and evil simultaneously, technology still provides answers to many of the challenges we face in life today. Because of the complications that have arisen in the use of technology, people today are increasingly cautious. The need for technology has reached an all-time high in recent years and remains a priority for many women and men. Phone monitoring software has been developed to allow you to take care of those you like and care about. I have tried many applications and filtered out some that work much better than others.


A cell phone spy program works the way you want it to, and you want to spy. Therefore, before downloading this cell phone spyware, you should evaluate your request before settling for one. However, among the applications dedicated to certain functions, there is a superior one. The surveillance software has the sole purpose of providing general management. Your requirements would be the basic determining factor of everything it covers. The cell phone monitoring software is listed according to program performance, monitoring features, software credibility, the period of validity, customer support, and price dynamics. The application is invisible to the person on whose phone it is installed. This is the background on which the application was implemented.

How They Work

Smart Watch

No signs of espionage are left behind. As a result, your spy application should have the basic features to help you glide, watch, and walk unguarded. The importance of using completely hidden spyware cannot be overestimated. You can be prosecuted if there is sufficient evidence to confirm that they are responsible for spying on other men and women. Devices such as phones, fairy tales, and tablets must be freed from manufacturers’ restrictions. Being rooted allows the device to take over configuring a variety of third-party applications, such as spyware. For Apple devices, but do the routing of the events you want to achieve in complex spy applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and other similar applications.

All fans of cell phone espionage and potential users should be skeptical of entrepreneurs who run their cell phone espionage applications without the installer’s physical contact with the owner. Before installing these high-level spy applications, you should make sure that the target phone and the phone are on the Internet. Spyware works by sending personal data from this target device to the spyware application’s network accounts before forwarding it to the appropriate recipient. This is because spyware applications typically have a server that receives a character in the software until it is forwarded to the provisioning clients. The stronger your characters online, the faster and more reliably you will get the secret information on the target’s cell phone.…

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gaming Monitor

Gamers normally pay much less focus on gamer chairs and the screens in their setups. But if you’ve invested a great deal of cash on a strong graphics card, then you do not wish to squander it by linking it to a substandard display. Deciding on the ideal screen to connect to your gaming rig is important when you want to enjoy new gorgeous visions.gamepad

IPS Monitors

When IPS monitors initially appeared in the marketplace, they were not immediately adopted by gamers. Their high cost and slow reaction time made it tough to get raved about them. But, IPS technology has significantly enhanced, and also an increasing amount of the highest gaming screens utilize it.

Viewing angles do not matter that much when gaming. However, decent color reproduction may make a massive difference to the way the game looks. IPS monitors have been a direct hit with graphic designers due to their authentic color reproduction.

Refresh Rate

The reply time, particularly vital for first-person shooter (FPS) games, remains slower on IPS displays than TN. However, many folks would assert that the gap between 1ms and 5 ms is hardly noticeable. It will rely somewhat on the sort of games you play.

Input lag and viewing the effect on the display affects the gaming experience. A few of the monitors explained here have the smallest input lag of almost any LCDs. If you mainly play real-time strategy games, reaction time, and enter lag won’t be as significant.

Display Resolution

The major news in 27″ monitors today is that WQHD screens are increasing at fairly affordable rates. Two things to think about is you will cover greater than for a typical 1920×1080 screen, which the high resolution will probably create greater demands on your rig.

Ok, this is only going to matter to you if you’ve got an NVIDIA card. G-Sync eliminates horizontal tearing and display stutter and contributes to a markedly smoother encounter. The way that it copes with dark colors is particularly important. Many games are put in black settings so that you could see the details regardless of the blue light. The more recent LED back lighting technology uses less electricity and enables thinner screens than the older CCFL.…

Advantages of DLL Files

These records were created to know what are DLL files and the use of the data by many programs simultaneously so that the preservation of memory would be supported in the long term. The data further allows customers to simultaneously edit the coding in the various applications without fundamentally changing the software. The data include information, codes, and resources and offer numerous benefits.

Save Hard Disk Space

DLL files also lessen outsourcing, making it much easier and quicker to perform tasks. This may also result from talking about a single DLL backup on disk instead of working with the library code for each application, created with a static link library to generate executable images for different copies.

Makes Updates Very Easy

So users don’t have to sit on the sidelines, because it’s all about keeping up to date and enjoying the excellent support they need.

Easy to Create Global Variations


This is because resources can be easily put into a dynamic link library that makes it easy to develop a particular program’s international variations. Users need to specify strings for each language output of the application in different DLL sources and load different language variations into the appropriate resources. The same DLL function can be applied for applications written in multiple programming languages, as long as the software follows the function calling convention.

Dynamic-link libraries are extensions of the application and have a shared code involving many applications. Although they are quite well known in Windows, they are also included in Unix and Linux and are usually related to shared libraries. In addition to the many advantages of this hyperlink library, much can be accomplished with DLL documents, making them so popular with consumers.…

How to Boost Your Phone’s Battery Life

Many Android users will be very happy if they can get through just one day with confidence in an on-the-go connection. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case. Many factors have come together in recent decades to reduce the resistance of devices. Slimer designs with less battery space, bigger, brighter screens, faster quadruple processors, and more software is running in the background – these are all factors that make you argue with responsibility.

But in comparison, the results of short battery life are more than that. Use a Google Nexus 5 to create this manual because it runs the latest Android 4.4 KitKat version without any unnecessary interface improvement. Still, these terms should apply to almost all Android phones. To know more tips about battery, click here:

Turn Off Hardware Radios

By turning off unnecessary hardware on Android radios, location-based programs remain in the background, and constant battery consumption quickly becomes apparent. If you have Android in stock, tap the notification bar, and then tap the icon in the top right corner.

Trim Apps Running in the Background

Go to the left under Settings > Applications, and you will find a list of programs currently running. Use them all to see what they are for; you can avoid having applications that you don’t need to run in the background constantly.

Dump Home Screen Widgets


Throw away unnecessary splash screen widgets and live backgrounds. Just because they seem inactive on the home screen doesn’t mean they don’t consume power. This is especially true for devices that update the survey status on the desktop and widgets that sit but look good and are animated, not to mention live wallpapers.

Update Your Applications

The software is often updated to take advantage of battery power, which means you need to make sure the programs exist. Even if your phone is set for automatic updates, you still need to manually develop updates for some applications.