How to Boost Your Phone’s Battery Life

Many Android users will be very happy if they can get through just one day with confidence in an on-the-go connection. Unfortunately, sometimes this is not the case. Many factors have come together in recent decades to reduce the resistance of devices. Slimer designs with less battery space, bigger, brighter screens, faster quadruple processors, and more software is running in the background – these are all factors that make you argue with responsibility.

But in comparison, the results of short battery life are more than that. Use a Google Nexus 5 to create this manual because it runs the latest Android 4.4 KitKat version without any unnecessary interface improvement. Still, these terms should apply to almost all Android phones. To know more tips about battery, click here:

Turn Off Hardware Radios

By turning off unnecessary hardware on Android radios, location-based programs remain in the background, and constant battery consumption quickly becomes apparent. If you have Android in stock, tap the notification bar, and then tap the icon in the top right corner.

Trim Apps Running in the Background

Go to the left under Settings > Applications, and you will find a list of programs currently running. Use them all to see what they are for; you can avoid having applications that you don’t need to run in the background constantly.

Dump Home Screen Widgets


Throw away unnecessary splash screen widgets and live backgrounds. Just because they seem inactive on the home screen doesn’t mean they don’t consume power. This is especially true for devices that update the survey status on the desktop and widgets that sit but look good and are animated, not to mention live wallpapers.

Update Your Applications

The software is often updated to take advantage of battery power, which means you need to make sure the programs exist. Even if your phone is set for automatic updates, you still need to manually develop updates for some applications.


Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Undoubtedly, you will never find comfort in your own home without an efficient air conditioner. This discomfort can even become more unbearable when summer arrives. Are you going to buy a new air-con or let your old A/C be repaired?

Buying a new air conditioner can be a better solution. When summer comes, your old air-con may not withstand the load you will throw at it. That means an additional expense. With a new device, you can also save even more money as you will surely consume less power. Accordingly, you can save to as much as 50%. Aside from a more efficient cooling ability, you will also have better air quality and will experience less noise.

With all these benefits of a new air conditioner, you should buy a new cooling device that will suit your needs and requirements. But don’t rush things. You should know first what is best for your home. Here are some tips that you can follow, so you will not be taking home a model that you will regret later.

Measure the Area

Are you buying an air conditioner that will supply your whole house or only a portion of it? Before purchasing a cooling device, it helps if you measure the area correctly. Bring the measurement to an air-con store, and the supplier may tell you which unit can be efficient to supply cool air.

Decide on the Type

Assuming that you are not going for a central cooling unit, you may have decided whether you will go for the traditional, window, split, portable, or the multi-split. You may have to know the strengths and weaknesses of each air conditioner type before selecting one.

The traditional or ducted air-con is best when installed during the construction of a new home. The window and the portable may have a limited cooling capacity. The multi-split is a version of a split air-con that has many indoor units. When selecting the type of air-con, it helps if you consider the price, efficiency, aesthetics, and noise production.

Check the Energy Efficiency Rating

The energy efficiency rating of an air conditioning device will let you know how strong an A/C can consume energy. The higher the rating, the more it is efficient.

Know the BTU of an A/C

Inspect the BTU or British thermal unit of an air conditioner before buying it. The higher the BTU, the more powerful an air-con is. You will feel a faster cooling effect when your cooling device has a higher BTU.

Indeed, there are many other factors to consider, which may include installation, price, noise production, and aesthetics. It may depend on every user which qualities of an air-con are the most important. It may not be easy to find an air-con that may fit every quality that you are looking for. Take your time.…

Advantages of Wireless Routers

Indeed, a weak internet connection can give us a bad day. When you are excited over an unfinished game from the night before, and you woke up with unstable internet, you probably cannot have your focus the whole day. It may be even worse when you are rushing something work-related. During these times, when many of our activities are dependent on the internet, the best thing to do is to invest in internet-enhancing devices. You should be looking for the best wireless router by now.

Nowadays, internet users are shifting from their wired routers to wireless versions. They are the in-thing at the moment as far as networking devices are concerned. Here are some of the advantages of having a wireless router at home.



The main advantage of a wireless router is convenience. If you are using a wired router, you must connect all your devices through cables before you can transfer or share files from one of your devices. With a wireless router, sharing files and other documents is hassle-free as you need not have to connect to a port to share files with your other devices.


You can move around the network’s coverage with your computing devices more freely. With wired routers, you may only move to where your cables can reach.

No Need for Cables

If all of you in your household is using the same router, you can just imagine all the cables coming from the router if you are not yet upgraded to the newer wireless version. Others may also wait until one is finished because there are only four ports available. And when cables are not long enough, all users may have sit in one room. It may not be an ideal situation for someone who needs to concentrate on what he is doing.

You also need not spend on cables with a wireless router.

Multiple Users

A wireless router uses the MU-MIMO technology or the Multiple Users – Multiple Input, Multiple Output technology, which allows simultaneous streaming on several devices. Using the internet at the same is common in households, so a router that supports this technology is commendable in homes and offices.

If you have a business like a restaurant, you can attract more customers with a wireless router. This will allow customers to access your internet.

Nowadays that working from home is encouraged because of the global health crisis, a wireless router is more apt for the present times. You have to find ways to concentrate on your work while not disturbing others with what they are doing.…