The Best Features on Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop is the go-to software for most photo editors. According to, the most recent Adobe Photoshop edition contains some particularly noteworthy qualities that make your photographs look wow. Some of the new upgrades include new layout tools, an upgraded user interface, a fresh crop tool, enhanced auto correct, and the addition of Adobe Camera Raw 7.

These distinct attributes can enable you to do much more with Adobe Photoshop. If you’d like to find out more about what Photoshop offers, you may even subscribe to Adobe Photoshop Courses. You can learn about the new features and ways to use them in your digital

Camera Raw

This feature permits you to edit pictures in .dng and .raw formats straight from the digital camera while retaining the original file. This attribute can also be integrated into Adobe Lightroom and is quite popular with professional photographers because it lets users work together with the first picture in the best possible quality while retaining another copy for archival purposes or editing in the future.

Auto-Correct and Crop Feature

Picture cropping is usually a part of editing digital photographs. The new, improved crop tool in Adobe Photoshop CS6 lets you crop photos with greater precision and speed than its predecessor. Auto-correct gives users an interface to create smooth and straightforward edits for their pictures. A simple click of the mouse can auto-correct brightness, contrast, and color levels. Occasionally, all a photograph needs is a fast touch-up with this application.

Text Management and Color Schemes

Suppose you have had difficulty with some dark default color scheme in late versions of Adobe Photoshop. In that case, you will be pleased to know that now you can select from four distinct grey color schemes, each having a different amount of comparison. One advancement which graphic designers will be particularly enthusiastic about is Photoshop CS6’s enhanced text management. You will appreciate how easy it’s to include excellent text on your pictures.